Nya Rörelsen

As Nya Rörelsen now enter a new phase with predominantly new members, the collective wants to clarify its place and role on the cultural stage believing that this is to act as a ‘greenhouse’ for professional growth. Here, within the collective, new members are able to develop through learning from other experienced members that understand the systems in place, as well as being challenged by them, providing them the tools and means to move forward in building groundbreaking work. Emerging dance makers can develop their knowledge and skills around artistic practices and projects, public outreach, and the navigating of educational pedagogy. All crucial aspects in which to not only find their voice, but one that will have supported sustainability and a confident span of life.

Additionally we work within an infrastructure that coordinates the production of our projects, allowing our work to exist as a network rather than a singular thread. Together, as an artistic community, we are stronger, more visible, and able to really make an impact on the public community.

We encourage members to work independently on their “individual projects” but bi-annually also come together to run “common projects“, where many members can contribute within roles, whether artistic or relating to production, that help to build community projects together.

Dance Safari - Change How You See!

An exciting community project bringing amateurs and professional dancers together for a site-specific performance, led and choreographed by Nya Rörelsen and made in collaboration with participants from Konstkupan.

The performance scatters many choreographies about human interaction, connection and conversation out into a landscape where audiences must watch from a viewpoint. Provided a dance map and binoculars you must search for the dances and choose which to see, creating a fun and engaging experience of “people watching” as well as seeing our public spaces with fresh eyes! Those coming to watch are encouraged to bring headphones and a mixed playlist so you can even choose what music you want to hear with the dances.

Dance Safari brings together immigrant groups and Swedes, providing a creative hub that encourages togetherness and inclusiveness through artistic collaboration.

Performances will happen throughout the summer of 2019 at multiple festivals, with a tour to theaters planned for the fall!

Are you curious? Want to meet new people in a creative, safe and fun environment? Take part in our workshops and performances? Join the Safari. Get in touch with Konstkupan Artistic Director, Atoosa Farahmand: Konstkupan@gmail.com

Website: https://www.nyarorelsen.com

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