Blackout will be an immersive and sensory performance work, designed to be experienced by one person at a time inside one or more blacked-out gallery spaces.

The project will look at ways in which we perceive our environments through sound, especially in the absence of other senses, and will connect this with the physiological and psychological effects of a literal blackout involving a loss of consciousness and memory. The resulting performances will take place in complete darkness using spatial audio recordings and custom-built technological solutions, using Arduino and MaxMSP, to create an interactive, primarily headphone-based, experience that will be unique for each audience member.

Interactivity will be achieved through touch-based interaction with a live performer, tracking of audience location and head movement, and the recording and subsequent playback of audience sounds. In this way, visitors will be able to freely interact with both pre-constructed audio content and “communicate” with the room using their voice to trigger recordings of previous audience members, played back as if they were still present in the space.

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