We are a dance collective, creating space to act shamelessly and with integrity through dance and movement. Working for a more honest, just, and caring society where all our bodies belong.

We are a queer, feminist anti-racist platform, embracing sex-positivity, playfulness, consent, social inclusion and an Earth-centered spirituality.

Since we were kids we were told to sit still behind our desks in the classroom and not put soil in our mouths. Nature in Western society is separate from humans and something or somewhere we go to, while ancient cultures did not separate humans from nature; they understand that we are part and parcel of it, from our inception and then we die and return to Earth.

With the climate catastrophe, how will we fight and protect Earth when we don’t see ourselves as part of it? How do we know where we start and end,
our boundaries, where another body begins? How do we know and how do we accept ourselves as sexual beings when we don’t know our bodies, our boundaries... who we are?

Growing up as women, this becomes a fight against the sexism that has been embedded in us. In our authentic movement practice, where we have been observing each other interact with trees and plants, we saw the sexual vitality of our movements. We felt ourselves as sexual beings interacting with our surroundings in a way that wasn’t dictated by patriarchy’s ideas of our sexuality, but rather coming from within us in the present moment.

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