Over and Over

Reusable containers service for food lovers Our Vision: To make reuse easy and fruitful

When people eat at public events they often use a containers for only a few minutes and then dispose it. The excessive consumption of single use containers in food events contributes to environmental disasters. Landfills are filling up. Enormous islands of floating garbage are created by ocean currents threatening marine wildlife. Recycling has been the “go-to” method for dealing with the iss- ue but it simply isn’t working.

  • We offer. Reusable awesome containers to the food industry.

  • We distribute. Containers that fit the needs of our customers.

  • We collect. Empty containers from drop points that we also use to create brand awareness.

  • We wash and clean. Containers are consciously cleaned for reuse.

  • We track. All containers using RFID technology and use geo tracking to follow the journey of the container (eg. to see where collection bins / automats should be located).

  • We learn. By adding a digital layer of data collection and analytics

12/3, Creative Business Cup: Introduce project to the Stenkrossen community. 19/9, Lund Kulturnatten & 28-29/9, Lund Skördefest: A washing lab on wheels that mimic the Over and Over service model, in collaboration with a food truck. 20/12, Presentation of traceable containers. Evaluate the concept and prepare for Scandinavian cleantech contest.

Web: www.overandover.se

Email: marcoguadarrama@gmail.com

Mobile: 0721937303 


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