Play your ukulele badly

“Play your ukulele badly” is a series of workshop for adults with little to no musical experience who have a desire to play the ukulele and want to learn in a relaxed, social environment.

The ukulele is “an instrument you can’t play and not laugh” said Beatles’ Geor- ge Harrison, who was a big supporter of the instrument. It’s small, cheap, and versatile – great for those who want to give music a try, accompany themselves while they sing and lift spirits.

The first sessions are about learning enough skills to start playing the instrument in a fun and non-perfectionistic way. The rest of the sessions are focused on practicing those skills by preparing for a performance.

You are all invited to hear us play on 26/3, 17:00 at Stenkrossen.

For more info and to RSVP, please contact Manuela Boghian.


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