Project grant Mini

The project grant Mini suits those with projects within art, culture or innovation who would like to spend a brief time at Stenkrossen to develop there project, e.g an Artist-in-Residence stay or through a shorter project-, production- or developement phase. With a Mini grant you will receive a spot at Stenkrossen for a period of 0-3 months. Applications regarding "Mini" is temporarily closed.

You cannot prolong the period for Mini. If you wish to continue your work at Stenkrossen, you may submit a new application for a project model Midi grant.

Lunds municipality, through their section for Culture and Leisure reserves the right to choose which applicants will receive a spot at Stenkrossen, based on Stenkrossen’s vision on developement and diversity, to secure a mixture of projects which will be most beneficial to all parts operating at Stenkrossen.

In your application you will submit a time period for which you wish to operate at Stenkrossen. Stenkrossen reserve the right to the fact that the Mini grant holder might not have full access to a fully equipped performance space for the entire time of their stay, due to high/low season and the current booking status of the spaces, at the time of application. Stenkrossen might suggest an alternatve time for the project period that might fit the total flow of projects in the house better.

How much does it cost?

The project space costs nothing in monatary means. Instead, the grant holder pledge to contribute to Stenkrossen’s open activites. This is done through an open activity which is directly connected to one’s project at Stenkrossen. The open activity serves in return for the project space, for each initiated 3 month period at Stenkrossen, and could consist of e.g a workshop, exhibition, performance, try-out-session, lecture or other activity that visitors are able to take part in without any deeper preveous knowledge on the subject.

Are there any requirements I need to meet to be eligable for this grant?

To apply for a spot at Stenkrossen one has to submit a project plan for the complete period for which they wish to be at Stenkrossen. The project plan has to contain a description of the project, along with it’s purpose and goal, and an attached time schedule, plan for financing, and a concrete description of the open activity planned (nature/ short description and preferable dates for carrying it through). The dates might be renegotiated to fit other simultanous activities in the house.

Those who are granted a spot at Stenkrossen will be summoned to a start-up meeting with Stenkrossens operations manager.

The application is open to submissions two times a year, during autum and spring. Application for 2019 is open from October 5 – December 1, and will be processed within three weeks.

How and when will I present my results?

At the end of the project period, the grant holder will have to submit a short presentation in writing of the past project period, together with an evaluation and gathered statistics on the open activity. The project presentation is due at the latest three month after the project period has ended. If the grant holder fails to carry through with one’s open activity or does not submit their project presentation within the set deadline, this may affect the grant holder’s possiblilities to recieve grants from Lund municipality in the future.

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