Bee the Change

Bee the Change is a project that gives people the opportunity to learn about the importance of pollinators and biodiversity through beekeeping.



We are a collaboration between ABC - aktiva insatser för människa och miljö and Hållbart Universitet. The group keeps two beehives in the Stenkrossen garden and is managed by volunteers from both the university and the community, with the help and guidance from a local beekeeping expert.

Bee the Change focuses on creating a space for all people in the community to learn about beekeeping, and more broadly, about the importance of pollinators in the city. Even though beekeeping is our main focus, education about ecosystems and natural spaces in cities is the end goal. Together we aim for a biodiverse and pollinator friendly Lund!

You are always welcome to write to us on any channel if you want to engage in Bee the Change, and follow us on Facebook for information about our events and open activities!


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