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Circle Centre is a space for the community of Lund, created to share goods, ideas and skills. In Stenkrossen we have a Library of Goods where we offer a diverse range of household and recreational goods that can be borrowed by members.

 Circle Centre aims to tackle the problem of overconsumption by extending the life of many products and allowing members to borrow items from our Library of Goods instead of owning them. We have a variety of items that members can borrow either for short-term (2 weeks) or long-term (up to 1 year) use and our selection can be found on our website. By sharing items our members save money, along with reducing their need for storage space, all whilst helping to reduce our natural resource consumption and prevent unnecessary waste. 

Circle Centre is not only about the sharing of goods but also ideas, knowledge and skills. We therefore also host repair cafes where participants can learn how to fix items or get them repaired by fixers and volunteers. On a regular basis we host workshops and events, such as panel discussions and screenings, which are open to everyone.

Circle Centre also offers a shared working space, where members can work independently or collaboratively on their own DIY projects. Through all of our activities we want to cultivate a culture of sharing, learning and caring in Lund to reduce individual consumption whilst growing together as a community. 

Circle Centre is currently run by Andrea Iseli, Emily Silva, Florence Kunert, Hedda Roberts, Jeni Särmäkari, Philipp Montenegro and Ronja Karvinen.

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