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Lund Matvarukooperativ is a member-run cooperative that connects its members to local producers from the Skåne area. Our cooperative delivers fresh, local, seasonal, and organic produce to our members while supporting local farming. Thereby, we aim to reduce our collective carbon footprint, build local resilience, raise awareness about local food- sustainability and enjoy lots of delicious and nourishing food!

Lund Matvarukooperativ was started in 2016 with the vision of creating a democratically run cooperative that connects its members to local farmers. We are run entirely by our members and the members' meeting has the overall decision-making power. The day-to-day tasks of the cooperative are taken care of by three working groups: the food working group, the event & outreach working group, and the finance & legal working group. Each working group has coordinators which are appointed by the members' meeting.

Our main activity is to organise food deliveries and pick-ups for our members: we contact the local producers and make an order-form with what they have freshly available, we send the order form to our members who can place an order, and we organize the food pick-up for our members in the backyard of Stenkrossen. The food delivery takes place about every two weeks, the pick-up time is usually Thursday afternoon.

Beyond food deliveries, Lund Matvarukooperativ also arranges social events such as Farm Visits or Harvest Festivals and engages in outreach activities to find new members, spread awareness about local and sustainable food as well as to network with similar projects.

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