Mono Festival

Mono Festival of One-to-One Performance is Sweden’s only festival dedicated to one-to-one performance and art experiences where the individual is the focus.

Mono was founded in Lund in 2016 and produces a biennial festival, standalone performances, talks and workshops featuring a selec�on of high-quality and cutting-edge artists working locally, nationally and internationally with individual experience. Mono aims to provide a unique platform for both artists and audiences within Scandinavia, allowing a wide and diverse audience to experience multi-sensory, affective and powerful art on their own terms.

Since 2016, Mono has hosted work by Anna Thunström (SE), Auðunn Kvaran (IS), Axel Berger (SE), Bombina Bombast (SE), Cantabile 2 (DK), The Center for Everything (FI), Lundahl & Seitl (SE), Sara Lindström (SE), Tim Bishop (SE/UK), and VR-Rummet (SE).

Mono Festival is organised by artist Tim Bishop and art historian and curator Paula Ludusan Gibe.


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