Nya Rörelsen

Nya Rörelsen is a collective made up of (from left to right), Majula Drammeh, Daniel Jeremiah Persson, Rumiko Otsuka, Khamlane Halsackda and Nidia Martinez Barbieri. Our ambition is to work as a network, leaning on each other’s skills and experiences with the ambition to support each other, the arts communities and building a sustainable way with which to enable culture to continue evolving and growing within the Region of Skåne. Majula Drammeh, Daniel Jeremiah Persson, Rumiko Otsuka, Khamlane Halsackda and Nidia Martinez Barbieri


This year's many projects include creative body/dance education for children and adults, performances for schools/ theaters/festivals, and even a podcast! Our collective looks forward to meeting with our public and dance community. We encourage you to get in touch about getting involved with current projects, and also proposals for possible future collaborations.

Nya Rörelsen Project2021

Nidia Martinez Barbieri’s “In.Mem” brings together movement and music. Is a collaboration between Nidia and musician Johannes Nästesjö.

Daniel Jeremiah Persson works nationally and internationally (Italy, Spain & South Korea). He has a PODCAST revealing everyday life from the artist’s perspective. He develops Nya Rörelsen’s infrastructure, finances, and team building. Performs in productions The Right|s of Spring, Reali-Tea by Bobbi Lo Produktion & CHROMATICS by AdeY. He choreographs for 3 productions; 100%, Untitled with Matilda Bjärum, and When the curtain’s up with Hany Park.

Rumiko Otsuka  is developing a new children’s performance/workshop called “Kosmos”. This educational project targets children in grades 4-6, encouraging that they express themselves with their bodies whilst at the same time gaining knowledge about our solar system/planets through dance. She also plans a workshop for children with physical challenges. She dances in “I Skuggans Land” By memory wax, and “Reali-Tea”.

Majula Drammeh & Khamlane Halsackda are developing workshops for visual artists who want methods for utilizing the body in relation to their work. This is live or online as a part of the Maxi residency at Stenkrossen. Majula will be researching the performance persona ‘Shade’ as a solo in  collaboration with Robin Dingemans. She will premiere her work Particular Mo(ve)ment at Inkonst, Malmö in June.

Other work include FATALE with Linn Hilda Lamberg (Company O), BlaueFraue (FI) and Shaya Khalil (SWE).  She’s performing for Robin Dingeman’s Company O and Ina Dokmo. Khamlane Halsackda tours his production The Right|s of Spring (co-directed by Maria Stamenkovic Herranz) in Skåne and Copenhagen. He collaborates with Skye.


Get in touch with any of us to find out more:

Website: https://www.nyarorelsen.com

Email: nyarorelsen@gmail.com

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