Nya Rörelsen

We work in and around dance education and performance, focussed on individual projects and artistic practices, and coming together biannually, to run common projects that are community focussed.

Nya Rörelsen is a collective made up of Majula Drammeh, Nidia Martinez Barbieri, Khamlane Halsackda, Daniel Jeremiah Persson and Rumiko Otsuka. Our ambition is to work as a network, leaning on each other’s skills and experiences with the ambition to support each other, the arts communities and building a sustainable way with which to enable culture to continue evolving and growing within the Region of Skåne.

This year’s projects are:

  • Majula: ’FATALE’ an immersive performance on dilemmas with feminism. Premier teater Viirus, Helsinki, April 2020.

  • Nidia: continues this year developing her ’Women’s project’.

  • Daniel: ’WELL LIT’ is a playful dance/theatre-production, integrating costume and prop-design as elements to convey the message of the piece. The work investigates themes on interculturality, non-binarism/non-conformance and what being is in a world we may not relate with and which doesn’t relate to us.

  • Khamlane: ’The Rights of Spring’ A dance/theatre interpretation of Nijinsky’s & Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. Premiere Dansstationen, 18-19 Jan 2021.

  • Rumiko: Director/choreographer, ’Mr O’.
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Website: https://www.nyarorelsen.com

Email: nyarorelsen@gmail.com

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