Circle Centre

Circle Centre is a physical space located within Stenkrossen. We are offering a diverse range of household and recreational goods based on a subscription model, enabling members to borrow items for the short periods they need them.

In our online catalogue, members are able to see the items available and will beable to reserve them soon. Sharing collective resources is preventing unnecessary storage and spending on items we barely use. By creating this space, we aim to reduce primary consumption.

We are hosting frequent repair cafes, where participants can learn how to fix their items themselves or get them repaired by employed fixers or volunteers. We are also hosting workshops and events, like screenings and panel discus- sions, focusing on sustainable living and reuse, which are open to everyone.

Circle Centre is a place to borrow items from, as well as a space for members to work independently or collaboratively on their own DIY projects. At an affordable cost, members are able to borrow items, attend repair cafes, use the space for personal projects, and vote on new inventory items. This shared space is fostering a tight-knit community where people can share not just goods, but ideas and skills as well!

Circle Centre is run by Alicia Gowan, Anna Schellenberg, Cara Siepenkort, Laura Heiduk and Lena Stern.


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