Ulrich Ruchlinski / 7310250654 / musician, performer, lighting designer In spring 2021 Ulrich will work with his longtime collaborator, dancer and choreographer Satoshi Kudo on a new piece with the work title “SlideRiders”.

They will be in residency at Stenkrossen in Lund and MARC in Knislinge during april and may and premiere the piece in july 2021 somewhere in Lund in the open air. 

Their collaboration often results in works that could be described as dance theatre with both of them performing dance and music together. 

The original idea of doing a new version of the collaborative community work SET-UP has been postponed due to the current situation.                                                                                     

Ulrich has worked within the performing arts field since 1995 with lighting, music, sound and stage crafts. Originally being involved in theatre from a technical side he has successfully developed different methods of incorporating music, lighting and performance into a mixed and combined practice. This has resulted in collaborative works with for example Raches Tess, Satoshi Kudo and other artists mainly from the dance community around Sweden. 

Up to the present he has collaborated and designed works for stage and installation for groups and artists like Rachel Tess, Victor Fröjd, Lena Josefsson / Raande-vo, Philippe Blanchard, Dorte Olesen, Sindri Runudde, Nicole Neidert, SUEN Butoh Company, Satoshi Kudo, Kroppsklubben, Malmö drama school. 

Ulrichs artistic expression results often in spatial visible and perceivable installations with a focus on physicality and 3d space. He does this with both music and other crafts like lighting, objects and sound. Meaning that a presence should not only be absorbed by other objects in space but even itself be a part of the space.  

Since 2014 he is co-running the artistic platform IMULTO. (


Recent works: 


Dance Instructions – electronic music project | 


Set-up – a community work with Rachel Tess, Elise Brewer, Nellie Björklund, Axel Berger - Concept and initial idea. 

Window space – installation with video and lighting. 

A sensorial lecture – choreographic work by Sindri Runudde – lighting design

They shoot horses – Malmö drama school – lighting design

FOF – Kroppsklubben – Lighting design, Richard III – THM – lighting design


Any number of sunsets – Rachel Tess – performance  and lighting design

Iki by Su-En Butoh Company – Sound design

Relativity by Nya Latin – Lighting design

Hongkong windows – light installation work in progress


Fiskedansen by Sindri Runudde – lighting design

EIDWTDNID – musical concept

Any number of sunsets with Rachel Tess – Lighting and sound design

AAA by Claire Parssons – lighting design 

Room X – choreographic works with several artists – lighting design


Var dag – choreographic work by Victor Fröjd and performers – light  / sound design

Cuttlefish – choreographic work by Nicole Neidert – lighting design

Pippin – musical by Nya Latin – lighting design

SOOT – Su-En Butoh Co. – Hongkong - lighting


Scratch – in collaboration with Rachel Tess – lighting design, musical performance


ARROW – musical performance on guitar in collaboration with dancer Satoshi Kudo. 


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